Exhibitor FAQs

Can I apply for Art in the Pen 2020?

Unfortunatley Art in the Pen 2020 has been cancelled due to Covid-19. This includes both our Thirsk and Skipton events. We hope to be back next year if our fundraiser is sucessful.

Can I apply for Art in the Pen 2021?

Depending on the sucess of our fundraiser, applications fors Art in the Pen 2021 will open on January 1st 2021. To receive a notifcation that the application window has opened, please join our mailling list via this website. Please note that spaces for our 2021 place will be very limited as the majority of spaces are already filled by 2020 exhibitors who did not get to exhibt due to the Covid-19 related cancellation.

Can I apply for the online event?

Unfortunatley Art in the Pen online was created to showcase the exhiibtors of our (now cancelled) 2020 events. We can not add you to Art in the Pen Online unless you were part of the origianl 2020 lineup.


Visitor FAQs

What kind of person and age group enjoys this kind of activity?

Although, it is called, "Murder Mystery" it is a fun, interactive activity for all ages and everyone! However, please be mindful that in order to solve the mystery the participants must be able to solve a series of riddles/clues that leads to the ultimate answer. In parents are responsible for assesing the content to ensure it is suitable for their child.

How long will I have to solve the mystery?

Ideally 30 days from the purchase date. The activity itself takes approximately 1-2 hours to solve. Please be mindful that it is an engima and can be challenging. You will work through a series of puzzles in order to reveal the answer.

Can I play with others?

Yes! We encourage you to work in a team to solve the mystery! This is an excellent activity to connect with others at home and online, if you use Zoom. You can challenge your friends and family to solve the mystery.

Is this 100% online? Can you help me organize multiple people from other areas remotely, who would like to play?

Yes! This is 100% online, the only thing you will require is a computer with internet access. If you would like to set up a virtual party with others via Zoom. One person of the group must have a Zoom account. Go to Zoom's website to create an account and learn more about screen sharing.


You can contact us via email at: After you purchase we are unable to give a refund due to the content being viewable online. Please be sure you want to complete the activity before purchasing.