Bay Boats Sunrise


Each raffle ticket costs £5. We are selling 40 tickets for this piece. All proceeds raised will contribute to the fundraiser to save Art in the Pen.



Bay Boats Sunrise



Studio Milena


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Bay Boats Sunrise: One-of-a-kind textile art panel from a limited edition series inspired by traditional fishing boats seen in coastal villages of North Yorkshire.  


Hand-woven using wool, cotton and tencel yarns with organic mohair fibre to create a geometric pattern with a sense of movement.  Deep blues and snowdrop white are set against blush and blossom pinks with a highlight of golden yellow, depicting sunrise over the bay. 


This textile panel is mounted and framed in white wood for a contemporary finish. Unglazed. 


Frame dimensions: 30cm x 35cm 

Textile panel dimensions: 16.5cm x 24.5cm 

Bay Boats Sunrise

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